How To Play

1.  Each particpant is granted one lottery card submission.  Playing is free, but please
     make sure that you enter your contact details correctly in the event that you’re
     the winner.
2.  There are 59 products listed on the top of the card.  Select 5 products by clicking
     on the radio box directly above the product.
3.  For more information about a product, or to
     get a closer view of the product image,
     please click on the product image.  It will take
     you to the product detail page with an
     enhanced image and information about the product.  Hit the “back” arrow on
     your browser to return to your lottery card.
4.  On the lower half of the card, select 1 product.  This is your “Baby Plus Ball” and it
     is used to help break ties.   Your Baby Plus Ball may be the same as one of your
     other 5 products.
5.  Before submitting, please make sure you have chosen the products that you
     want.  We cannot make changes after the card has been submitted.  
6.  Enter your contact details at the end of the card page, including the email
     address that we would need to contact you at and the mailing address that you
     would need to receive your prize at (in the event that you’re the winner).
7.  A confirmation of your lottery picks will be emailed to you after your submission.

1.  Each round, there will be at least 1 winner and a maximum of 10 winners.
     The overall odds of winning are dependent on the number of lottery cards
     submitted before the deadline.
2.  A lottery drawing will occur where 5 Baby Balls (lottery balls with baby product
     images on them) and 1 Baby Plus Ball are drawn.  The Baby Balls will be
     randomly selected and posted on Facebook (
3.  The winner will be the person that selects the most products correctly from the
     first set of 5 products.  In the event that more than one person selects 5 products
     correctly, each will be granted the prize (up to a maximum of 10 people).  If more
     than 10 people guess correctly, the 10 winners will be randomly selected from
     those that have guessed correctly.
4.  If nobody guesses all 5 products correctly, the winner will be chosen from the
     participants that guessed the most Baby Ball products correctly.  In the event
     that there is a tie, anyone who guessed the ‘Baby Plus Ball’ correctly will be
     weighted higher over those that did not guess the Baby Plus Ball correctly.
5.  If there is still a tie between participants, even with the Baby Plus Ball included, the
     winner will be randomly selected from the players with the most Baby Ball
     products chosen correctly.  One winner will be awarded the prize.

1.  The winner, or winners, of the Baby Ball Lottery will receive the 5 Products that
     were selected on the first part of the lottery card.
2.  The 5 products will be shipped, free of charge, to the mailing address that you
     have provided upon submission.
3.  The winning Baby Ball products and Baby Plus Ball will be posted on Facebook
     (  The winner(s) will also be posted on Facebook
     shortly following the drawing.   We encourage you to check our Facebook page
     to stay up-to-date.

1.  Can I play if I live outside the United States?
     Yes, this game is open worldwide.  If you’re outisde of the United States, we may
     need additional details, such as your phone number, in order to ship you the
     prizes.  You will not need to pay for the shipment.
2.  Can I enter more than once?
     At this time, we are allowing one entry per person.  Duplicate submissions will be
     void.  In the future, we may have bonus card opportunities, but not at this time.
3.  Is it free to play?
     Yes, you will not need to pay in order to play.  It is free.  If you win, you are not
     expected to have to pay shipping, etc.  The game is 100% free.
4.  How do I know what the products are? The images are too small on the card.
     Each product on the lottery card is linked to an enhanced image and product
     detail page when clicked on.  Just click on the product and you will be directed
     to a page with larger imagery and information to help you choose 5 products
     that you would like to receive as your prize.
5.  I’m experiencing technical difficulties operating my lottery card.  What do I do?
     Please email us at and we will assist you with your
6.  Do I need to guess all the products correctly in order to win?
     Not necessarily.  The winner will be chosen from those that guess the most correct
     Baby Ball products with the Baby Plus Ball being used as a tie breaker.
7.  What are the odds of winning?
     The odds of winning will depend on how many people play the round.  We will
     have at lease one winner each round so no ‘prizes’ are being held and rolled
     over to another round.
8.  Can I pick a product to be my “Baby Plus Ball” that I have picked as one of my
     Yes, you may pick any of the 59 products listed to be your “Baby Plus Ball”,
     including one that you may have picked in your first 5.
9.  I don’t see the answer to my question.  What do I do?
     Please email us at or send us a private message on
     facebook ( and we will assist you.